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Bald Head Island Real Estate

Bald Head Island North Carolina

Accessible only by passenger ferry or private boat, Bald Head Island North Carolina is located about an hour from Wilmington NC and an hour and a half from Myrtle Beach SC. Fourteen miles of subtropical beaches, Bald Head Island NC is just a 20-minute Bald Head Island ferry ride from Southport NC.  Besides fabulous beaches, you’ll find salt marshes, a maritime forest, freshwater lagoons, as well as untouched creeks and wetlands. What really sets Bald Head Island apart from the rest is the fact that transportation on the island is limited to golf carts and bikes… gasoline powered vehicles are not permitted. Basically, Bald Head Island NC is the epitome of paradise.

The history of Bald Head Island is complete with intrigue. Bald Head Island history has it that Native Americans first inhabited the island. In the 17th and 18th centuries, pirates would peruse for boats that would inevitably wreck on the Frying Pan Shoals, a long obscure area of sandbars, then sequester their valuables.

Today, Bald Head Island is 12,000 acres of utter bliss. Check the Bald Head Island ferry schedule and hop on the ferry to Bald Head Island NC. Once on the island, you’ll be able to enjoy the incredible weather Bald Head Island offers much of the year. The village of Bald Head Island is everything you’re looking for in an intimate, peaceful Bald Head Island vacations.

Things to Do in Bald Head Island

There is a rare moment when you need to wonder what to do on Bald Head Island. When sun-bathing, reading a good book or frolicking in the surf start to bore, you can be sure you will find many other things to do in Bald Head Island.  Perhaps surfing, paddleboarding, canoeing and kayaking will add that bit of adventure you’re looking for in your Bald Head Island vacation. The mild Bald Head Island weather lends itself to a pleasurable morning on the Bald Head Island golf course. Of course, Bald Head Island fishing is a given. Bald Head Island Marina offers easy access to the Intracoastal Waterway and Atlantic Ocean via a deep-water shipping channel for prime fishing.  Fishing Bald Head Island may reward you in flounder, drum, blues, Spanish mackerel, and King mackerel.

The Bald Head Island conservancy offers family adventure programs where families can take a hike with one of the Bald Head conservancy naturalists for an up-close look at the ecosystems of the island. The Bald Head Island lighthouse is a must for Bald Head vacations. Once you take the two-mile journey across the Cape Fear River from Southport on a ferry to Bald Head Island, you’ll want to check out a Bald Head Island map and find the Bald Head lighthouse, Old Baldy. At the state’s oldest standing lighthouse you’ll find Smith Island Museum of History where you can learn about the island's rich maritime past and Bald Head Island lighthouse facts.

If you’re really looking to enjoy a relaxed, family-focused vacation at Bald Head beach, become a member of The Shoals Club Bald Head Island. Conveniences like locker rooms, towel service and poolside food and beverage service make it that much easier to enjoy the Bald Head Island NC weather.  Open year-round, the Bald Head Island Country Club boasts a newly renovated, championship 18-hole golf course.  After a busy day on the island, grab dinner at one of the Bald Head Island restaurants and stop by the Bald Head Island market for some fine wine or a scoop of ice cream.

Bald Head Island weddings are quite the thing here and all it takes is a leisurely Bald Head ferry ride to get there. Have your bridal party spend an hour or two or three at a Bald Head Island spa may sound like vacation to you. A Bald Head Island wedding is guaranteed to be elegant and graceful. Imagine getting married at the Bald Head Island chapel, then dancing the night away at a tropical Bald Head Island hotel. Whether you choose to have the wedding at a Bald Head vacation rentals, Bald Head Island resort or Bald Head Island Inn, or other Bald Head Island NC hotels, you will remember the special day for a lifetime.

Bald Head Island Vacation Rentals

Bald Head Island vacation rentals range from cozy enough for a family of four to large and roomy for extended families. Whether you’re looking for a cottage on the beach or a villa tucked in the maritime forest, vacation rentals in Bald Head Island NC has something for everyone. Best part about vacation rentals Bald Head Island is there are so many different environments to choose from. If you prefer tranquil seclusion, you’ll be at home in a Bald Head Island rental in East Beach. Prefer a little more action? Enjoy vacation rentals Bald Head Island in Harbour Village with shops, cafes and restaurants at your disposal. Surround yourself in live oaks, palm trees, island ferns, and touches of Spanish moss at your Bald Head Island NC rentals in the Maritime Forest.

Whether you’re looking for Bald Head Island lodging in a Bald Head Island oceanfront rentals or Bald Head Island hotels, you can find what’s best for you by reading up on Bald Head Island reviews. Not to mention, it’s an easy Bald Head Island ferry ride from the restaurants in Southport.  Some Bald Head Island rentals include temporary membership to the upscale Bald Head Island Club where visitors may enjoy a championship golf course, tennis, children’s playground, croquet, restaurants and lounge.  Bald Head Island house rentals are vacation gems when it comes to being able to access serene creek marshes where you can canoe. Rather, just relax with a good book on the deck of your Bald Head Island rentals oceanfront.  If you can’t stay a week or more, check out the Bald Head Island weekend rentals.

Bald Head Island Real Estate

Real estate Bald Head Island offers options in a variety of neighborhoods. The Braemar section of Bald Head Island has some of the most luxurious oceanfront homes for sale on Bald Head Island with breathtaking views of the South Beach. Middle Island, located along the salt marsh and only a short walk from the beach, has some of the best homes for sale Bald Head Island NC with views of the marsh and beaches on the island. Sumner's Crescent is located in the Cape Fear Station and features Bald Head Island villas tucked away in the Maritime Forest. Ibis Roost is in a low traffic area that has Bald Head Island real estate listings in this neighborhood perfect for small children and families playing outside. The Hammocks Bald Head Island neighborhood provides the opportunity to be an equity owner in actual Bald Head Island real estate with a 1/13th deeded interest which can be sold, willed or gifted. At Harbour Village, you will experience a village community along a Cape Cod-style marina, where much of this Bald Head Island property for sale overlooks the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. Bald Head realty at Harbour Village can be found within walking distance to the ferry and several restaurants. Imagine the Bald Head Island pictures of sunsets you can take from these homes for sale Bald Head Island. Investing in Bald Head Island sales in the Harbour will give you a sense of community with your neighbors while keeping your privacy on the waterfront side of your home.

Dinner in Southport is just a ferry Bald Head Island trip away. You likely won’t need to worry about purchasing a golf cart or Bald Head Island golf cart rentals, since much of Bald Head Island NC real estate comes with golf carts. If you happen to come across Bald Head Island foreclosures, then you’ve struck quite the deal.  Bald Head Island realty may often include a widow's walk on the top of the house which will likely offer spectacular views of the natural beauty that is sure to surround the property.

Bald Head Island homes for sale have so many great features. In fact, the majority of Bald Head Island real estate for sale offers spectacular views of the sunrise or sunset. Some Bald Head real estate have Western deck views of the Cape Fear River. You may also be lucky enough to find BHI real estate with upstairs living areas to maximize panoramic ocean views.  Other real estate Bald Head Island NC overlook expansive lagoons and part of the golf course.  Real estate Bald Head Island that you just won’t want to pass up might include great ocean views with direct beach access. You can bet sunsets are amazing from the porches of much of Bald Head Island real estate.

Though there aren’t many Bald Head Island jobs around, you may want to consider the 20-minute commute to Seaport.  Sure, you have to take the Bald Head Island NC ferry, but that sure beats sitting on the Interstate in your care for an hour. In fact, you can read the Bald Head Island news during your commute…staying up to date on all the fun and relaxation going on in town. Bald Head Island photos of these Bald Head Island houses can be found on the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living website. Be sure to call your Bald Head realtor and ask for Bald Head photos at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living today!

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